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Zombie Sniper

141 votes 4.6/5

About Zombie Sniper


A city is in ruins, and deadly monsters lurk in the shadows of once-magnificent structures. In the exciting game Zombie Sniper, the zombie horde has come, so grab your sniper rifle and put an end to their reign of terror over the city. These zombies will offer a challenge to even the most skilled survivor, lumbering through the devastated streets with nothing but the desire to destroy. Can you stop them before their horrific grasp reaches you, turning you into a flesh-eating ghoul's feast?

The walking dead are a common target in shooter games, and you can practice target shooting with everyone's favorite zombie monsters in this entertaining game. Monsters have taken over the city you once called home. Your goal in the first-person shooter Zombie Sniper is to hunt down these zombies one by one with your trusted weapon. You'll notice that the streets are unusually silent when you initially start the game. After a minute or so, the adversary will become aware of your existence and will begin to appear from every direction. Move about with the WASD keys, then touch the space bar to jump to a higher vantage point for a better perspective. By using the left mouse button, you may fire. Toggle the zoom feature on your sniper rifle with the right mouse button. When an adversary is hit, they will tumble to the ground and hopefully remain there this time! Keep your guard up, though, for more ghastly beasts are on their way. Aim for the head and try to hit it with a headshot to get bonus points! Will you be able to withstand the waves of these tenacious foes, or will you succumb to their assault?


  • 3D graphics
  • Lots of zombies to kill
  • Intuitive game controls
  • Exciting gameplay

How to play

Run: WASD keys

Zoom: Right mouse

Shoot: Left mouse

Jump: Space bar

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