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About Trollface Quest Horror 1


Troll Face Quest Horror 1 is a puzzle game that offers a straightforward point-and-click interface that asks users to click on various objects to level up.

In TrollFace Quest: Horror 1, at the beginning of the game, the dark sky began to darken, and at that time, terrifying monsters started to lurk in the darkness. Again, you can test your wits against the notorious scammer, TrollFace. But this time, he recruited various monsters! Are you ready to beat this joker in your own game?

And another spooky season is about to begin. TrollFace has prepared a challenge for you. If you are ready to face the characters who only like to work at night, click the play button on the main menu to start this thrilling journey. Like the other games of the series, your goal is to click on the right object in each level to solve the puzzles. You can use the mouse to play this game. There are 16 different levels that you can play. There is only the first level when you start, but you will unlock the rest as you solve the puzzles. From ferocious Gremlins to Samara, you'll meet many different characters through the levels. When you are on a level, click on different objects to find solutions. Sometimes you have to use different combinations. On some levels, you have to click repeatedly on a single item. If you're feeling stuck, don't worry! You can click the hint button located at the top of the screen to find the solution. Can you survive the levels and show TrollFace that you're smarter than him?

Feature of TrollFace Quest Horror 1

  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Hilarious animations
  • 16 different levels
  • Tricky puzzles to solve

How to play

You can use your mouse and play this game

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