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Geometry Dash 23

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About Geometry Dash 23


In 2023, a video game called Geometry Dash 23 was developed. You may maneuver a block around a variety of obstacles by left-clicking.

Get ready for amazing adventures in a weird universe. Along the way, you'll assume several different personalities, such as a cube, a ball, a spaceship, or a UFO. You must leap over a lot of pointy things to get as far as you can. Take caution due to the excessive number of obstacles. Therefore, having a quick reflex time is essential if you want to win the game. Tell the gamer to jump as high as they can to avoid the spikes. Throughout the course, jump rings and jump pads are common sights. Leap higher after landing on them. Try your hardest to cover as much ground as you can and earn the greatest score. You aim to perform well in this game and get three mystery coins at each stage. Along the way, you'll learn more information about them. Make every attempt to bring them all in.

Play the game right away to feel the excitement. Due to its straightforward rules and gorgeous 2D graphics, this game is appropriate for players of all ages. On our website, you may access it for free online gaming.

How to play

Use the left mouse, space bar, or up arrow to control this game.

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