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About The Dawn of Slenderman


The Dawn of Slenderman is an addictive adventure and action game in which you have to collect enough eight pages while losing in the terrifying forest.

In this game, you transform into a character who is losing in a horror forest. To escape, you have to collect eight pages. However, these pages are located in many various places. Moreover, Slenderman, who is on the run, is finding you. If you don't want to die, avoid or kill him. Don't be scared!

Note that the pages are often on the houses in the forest. Let's check houses first! It's time to have some free fun with The Dawn of Slenderman. Let's start and enjoy!

Realse date:

  • March 2015 (Android)
  • August 2021 (WebGL)


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)

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How to play

  • W A S D : to walk around
  • Mouse : to Look around
  • Left Mouse Button : to Fire
  • Right Mouse Button : to Aim
  • Mouse Wheel : To Change Weapons
  • G : for Grenades
  • R : to Reload
  • F : to Pickup Items
  • Left Shift : to Run
  • Left CTRL : to Crouch
  • X : to Prone
  • Space : to jump

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