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About Time Shooter


Time Shooter is a unique shooting action game in which time is frozen when you stop. Your mission is to kill your enemies with an unusual way of operating time.

Time goes by when you start moving, but time also slows down when you stop.

This game gives you crazy levels. You live on a very different horizon, and you are in the middle of a battle against your enemies in a tavern. You all have weapons in hand, and your goal is to aim and move carefully. Remember that if you move, time will return to normal, and if you stop, time will stop. When time stops, you can get ready for impending danger or try to plan your next move.

Features of Time Shooter

  • High graphic quality
  • Unique gameplay
  • Weapons
  • Frozen time

Release Date

Dec 06 2021

How to play

  • Move: WASD
  • Aim: MOUSE
  • Shoot: LEFT-CLICK
  • Throw weapon: RIGHT-CLICK

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