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About Afton's Nightmare


Afton's Nightmare is a scary survival game in which you must once again flee from the demonic animatronics. The fear continues after beating FNaF: Sister Location Custom Night.

This game is based on the horror theme in which you can experience the dark environment, scared characters, and terrifying sounds. You have to hide under the desk in this game and avoid being found. Because of being under the desk, you can not observe around. Therefore, use the video monitors to track the robot's movements and interact with your surroundings. Through these devices, you can check your surrounding environment and make a strategy for escaping to the madhouse. Be cautious! There are a lot of animatronic characters around. Keep an eye out, and don't get captured. Good luck!

Features of Afton's Nightmare

  • Based on Five Nights at Freddy series
  • Video monitors
  • Some animatronics such as Golden Freddy and Circus Baby
  • Dark environment
  • Hide under the desk

How to play

  • Use your mouse to look around
  • Left-click to interact

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