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About Zombie Monster Truck


In Zombie Monster Truck , you're free to unleash the beast inside you. Try to see how far you can travel by driving as quickly and as powerfully as you can across these dangerous terrain.

In this driving game, you will be navigating your vehicle straight through the ramps of the eerie roadways, which are filled with monsters and zombies. When you are driving over the monsters, you need to step on the pedal and drive as quickly as possible so that you may continue your journey and escape being defeated by the monsters. The capabilities of your vehicle determine the maximum distance it is capable of traveling. After you have given it your best effort a few times while beginning at the same level, you will begin to accumulate coins. You have the option to spend these money on upgrading your vehicle, and doing so is strongly recommended. You have the option of upgrading the engine and gearbox, as well as the turbo, wheels, armor, gun, fuel tank, and weight. There are many different sections of the road that may be unlocked depending on how far you are able to travel, so let's see how the trip will go!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Upgradable car features
  • Variety of different parts on the map
  • Gem and coins store to manage your earnings

How to play

You may control the automobile by using the WASD keys or the arrow keys.

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