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About Zombie Curse


Experience the thrill of speeding across a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world in Zombie Curse. Pick from a variety of aggressive vehicles with devastating upgrades meant to annihilate the undead. A thrilling adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat, the game has a lot of crushing, mincing, and burning action. Use defying gravity and violent landings to gain extra momentum. While surviving is the most important thing, don't forget to gather coins during your wild voyage.

How-To Operate

Use the A/D or L/R Arrows to tilt the car in order to control it. You can jump by using the W or Up Arrow, and you can anti-jumps by pressing the S or Down Arrow. Take down zombies in your path, but don't forget to watch the speedometer—surviving this dangerous road trip is your main goal!

Advice and Techniques
Recall to maximize boosts by using special jump and tilt combinations and stay out of the way of oncoming zombies. Get all the coins you can to unlock more upgrades. Finally, but just as importantly, learn how to drive carelessly and come out alive.

- A range of vehicles with various boost capacities.
- Clever zombie-killing techniques: chop, dice, and burn!
 - Terrifying terrain full of difficult hills and jumps.
- Various controls that provide several approaches to overcoming obstacles.
- Coin-collecting components mixed with tense survival action.

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