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The Man From The Window

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About The Man From The Window


A remarkable free survival horror roleplaying game, The Man From The Window was painstakingly created to provide PC players a unique blend of narrative complexity, engaging gameplay, and storytelling features. This game asks you to enter a terrifying, mysterious, and morally complex world where every choice you make will affect how your terrifying journey turns out.

How to Play

Immerse yourself in a world of survival horror through role-playing, where your ability to survive depends on your cunning, resourcefulness, and decisions. Navigate through gloomy, poorly light areas while battling a variety of scary foes.

Captivating Storytelling: The Man from the Window revolves around an engrossing story that keeps you interested the entire time you're exploring. Explore the sinister mysteries hidden in the game's universe and make decisions that alter the story's course and result in several endings.


A spooky and immersive atmosphere is created by The Man from the Window, where every sound, creak, and shadow adds to the uncanny sense of tension.

Character Development: Take on the role of a character who finds themselves in difficult situations, and make decisions that represent the morality and personality of your character.

Dynamic Storytelling: The story of the game is made to adapt to your actions in real-time, giving your choices a great deal of weight and influencing how the tale develops.

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