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The Baby In Yellow

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About The Baby In Yellow


The Baby in Yellow Horror Game, another well-known Baby Horror game, is quite similar to The Baby in Yellow Horror Game. The infant in the yellow t-shirt needs to be taken care of in both games, but as the game goes on, stranger and stranger things happen.


In the spooky simulation game The Baby in Yellow, you assume the position of a babysitter and are tasked with supervising a group of naughty toddlers.

As the hours pass, your home grows darker and more silent, giving the appearance that the baby is becoming asleep. You can still engage in daily tasks like eating, relaxing, and watching television. In contrast to the other infants in the area, the one you are taking care of is special.


- Make your 3D images as realistic and detailed as possible.
- As you work to take care of a small child with evil intents, you will experience a rush of excitement.
- As you cautiously explore the dark areas, try not to let your nervousness get the best of you.
- Throughout the course of the evening, complete a range of activities.

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