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About Tap Tap Shots


An appealing sports game called Tap Tap Shots. Your goal in this game is to smash as many balls into the basket as you can within the allocated time.

This is a fantastic simulation game of basketball. The basketball will be in your control as you try to score as many goals as you can. To ensure that the ball enters the basket without going out, you must adjust the distance. The ball bounces higher with each mouse click. However, if the ball is either too high or too low for the basket, it cannot be made into the basket. You must slam the ball into each of the two baskets on each side in turn. There is a time restriction after each basket that the ball is fired into. Within those few seconds, you must adjust the ball into the hoop. You lose if you can't put the ball in the goal. The height of the basket fluctuates with each toss. They can be moving from the highest to the lowest position, rising or falling, or both. Don't miss a shot to score.

There are certain pointers that might help you win this game with the most points. You must, first and foremost, be aware of the time. Once you strike the first ball, the clock will start to run out. The yellow timer that indicates how much of a window you have to put the ball in the basket is running out, as you can see. Due to the restricted amount of time, you should touch repeatedly to swiftly pass the new turn if you are unable to align the proper distance. Before clicking, you should secondly align the best place. Finally, you should tap twice to increase your likelihood of making a dunk. Focus on watching and taking notes so you may use what you learn to your next dunk. Even if you make a lot of mistakes, you can still make the best dunk since you will have gained a lot of experience.

How to play

Click the mouse to play

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