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About Tailed Monsters Puzzle


Tailed Monsters Puzzle will transport you to a fantastical new realm! Compete against the ticking clock and rack up points by making astute use of the available platforms to guide the cute monsters to the correct locations. Keep up with the growing number of monsters and adjust your strategy to account for the rising challenge as you go through the levels by following the instructions!

How many different approaches can you take to solving a single issue? The solution to your difficulties will become more clearer after you've solved this puzzle! You will get the ability to construct additional pathways to alter the flow of the problem, go through them in reverse order, and continue doing so until you have earned all three stars. At first glance, each level will seem to be difficult, but you will quickly understand the reasoning behind it, and by the time you have completed the game, you won't believe how easy it was all along! To rearrange the charming creatures, you must first grab them and then slide them through the squares. You can only travel in one of two directions: forward or backward. Make sure that you properly plan out each of your movements so that you don't get stranded or impede the route of other monsters. In the event that one strategy is unsuccessful, you always have the option of trying another one while looking for a different path. Do not let the difficulties to get the better of you! You may bypass a level and continue your adventure in this strange region filled with challenges if you are willing to watch a little advertisement.


  • Cute and funny character design
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Increasingly difficult levels
  • Improving puzzle-solving skills
  • Available on mobile

How to play

You use your mouse to control the character and win this game

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