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About Tactical Retreat


Our operatives recently confirmed rumors of a crazy scientist named Dr. Wisenstein, and a small squad of troops was dispatched to further examine the matter. You play as one of these elite warriors and enter the castle in Tactical Retreat, a wave-based tactical shooting game. You and your squad must search the building together, but a big explosion has caused you to lose communication with your comrades. You're alone in the dark, with only hazy forms and weird sounds to guide you... Have fun with this Psionic Games.


  • Intense 3D shooting game to defend the base from incoming monsters whilst rescuing the scientists
  • Two difficulty options
  • Random event after a level is cleared
  • Play point and click mini-game to search an area for junks
  • Upgradeable gun using the junks earned
  • Fullscreen

How to play

  • Move your mouse to aim
  • Left click to shoot

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