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About SuperKiller


Become a SuperKiller and show the bad ones that they should have carried out their operations clandestinely. You have the responsibility of capturing criminals as a clandestine agent. Break up this meeting of these alleged criminal masterminds by pulling out your weapons, taking precise aim, and doing so!

If you agree, your task will be to get rid of every criminal in each level. Each level consists of a chamber with a variety of barriers. Utilize your surroundings and devise the best a plan to take out the most adversaries with the fewest number of turns. Aim with your mouse, then click the screen to fire. Your shots will pass through adversaries, glass, windows, and walls in addition to bouncing off of them. You're a savvy agent, and you have access to more than just firearms. You'll utilize a hammer on certain stages. Because the trajectory of this unique hammer is bent, you need prepare before throwing it. It can pass through glass, much like bullets, but stops when it strikes a wall. To kill many enemies with one shot, try to aim for the exploding barrels. Plan carefully since each level's design varies. How many criminals were you able to eliminate?


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Simple controls
  • Different levels designs
  • 2 different weapons to use
  • Available on mobile devices

How to play

To aim, tap or click and hold on the screen. To fire, release your grasp.

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