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About Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers is a popular game where you keep running. You play as Jake, who rides the subways and tries to get away from Inspector and his dog. Along the way, you'll have to avoid trams, trains, other objects, and more in this game where you just keep running. Get coins to get power-ups and other things that will help you go further in Subway Surfers. Coins can also be used to get access to new figures and boards. You can change how the figures look and give your hoverboards new abilities by using your keys. Don't forget to get the keys that come with the gifts. You can get prizes in "MyTour" by finishing daily Word hunts. There are also tasks to be found there. A company called Sybo made Subway Surfers in 2012. Yes, it is still one of the most-played games online!

How to play Subway Surfers


- Swipe up to jump over obstacles and gaps. Double swipe up to jump higher.

- Swipe down to roll under obstacles like gates or tunnels.

- Swipe left or right to move between lanes and collect coins/power-ups.

- Look ahead and time your jumps/movements to the patterns of obstacles.

- Collect the jetpack, super sneakers, and other power-ups for an advantage.

- Do hoverboard tricks like tilting your device for multipliers.

- Grab floating letters to spell "AWESOME" and earn a score multiplier.

- Use the Weekly Hunt prizes to your advantage as you play each week.

- Join a crew to earn rewards faster and get revive parties when you crash.

- Update the game regularly for new characters, power-ups, and environments.

The key is having quick reactions to constantly jump, dodge, and move between the never-ending obstacles. Building multipliers and collecting prizes extends your runs. Just stay focused and don't get trapped between barriers!


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