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Stickman Swing

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About Stickman Swing


Come soar into the limitless blue with Stickman Hook as he explores the skies. Who knew having fun with a hook and some rope could be so enjoyable? Without the drawback of having to deal with criminals, take use of the advantages of swinging around like a superhero. Stickman Hook has everything set up for a nice experience: springy cushion platforms and beautiful sky are waiting for you. Prepare your jumpsuit. Even if you can't fly, you can swing!

Sky is the limit! Take hold of your rope and be ready to experience the wind's calming touch on your face. You can do aerial acrobatics to compete with the birds in Stickman Hook thanks to its 25 classic levels and a variety of unlocking tasks. To complete the game's objective, you must swing from platform to platform as you move toward the finish line. As soon as you click with your left mouse, your rope will be attached to the closest accessible hook, allowing you to begin swinging. Instantaneously, you'll begin swinging. Press the left mouse button one more to release your rope. Swing in the direction of the other hooks to help you cross the finish line and go through the air. There may on occasion be a significant chasm between. Press the left mouse button one more to let go of the rope. To go in the air and cross the finish line, try to swing in the direction of the other hooks. The distance between hooks might be rather wide at times. You can attempt bouncing from platform to platform to reduce the distance between these hooks. To get to the next hook, try to determine the proper direction and speed before bouncing up. Not every level is simple to complete. You'll need to pay attention to the level design in parts to determine the best way to swing forward while dodging the obstructions and precipitous drops. As you play, you may get various skins for your character. There are three methods to obtain these new looks. You have the option of watching an in-game film to receive a reward, beating the levels to win skins, or taking on a variety of unique challenges. Feel free to select the choices you like because they won't have an impact on how the game plays.


  • Lots of levels to complete
  • Physics-based gameplay
  • Many playable characters
  • Unlockable characters

How to play

To attach the hook and swing, click with the left mouse button

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