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About Station Meltdown


Station Meltdown is a unique first-person shooter featuring some of the most spectacular 3D visuals you've ever seen, in which you must do everything it takes to live on an abandoned space station overrun with killer robots.

As you walk through a strange area, firing fire at will to preserve your life and eradicate the alien robot race that is attempting to take over the power and enslave people as slaves, put your excellent reflexes and targeting abilities to the test. Unique, flowing, and adrenaline-filled gameplay in a virtually endless terrain will have you captivated until you can no longer hang on - forget about reality and stress while having a good time!

How to play

  • [WASD] - Movement
  • [Left Shift] - Dash
  • [Left Mouse Button] - Fire
  • [Right Mouse Button] - Melee
  • [R] - Reload
  • [Q] - Weapon Wheel
  • [I] - Inspect weapon
  • [Esc / Tab] - Pause Menu

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