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About Sniper Hitboy


In the heart-pounding smartphone game Sniper Hitboy, you take on the role of an expert assassin. Take on difficult tasks in a variety of settings with stealth and accuracy. To become the ultimate hitman, perfect the skill of long-range shooting, take out prominent targets, and minimize collateral damage.

- You take on the role of a professional hitman tasked with eliminating high-value targets
- Missions will likely involve infiltrating various environments like cities, compounds, etc. undetected
- Use stealth tactics to get into the ideal sniping position without being spotted
- Line up precise long-range sniper shots to take out your mark(s)
- Avoid civilian casualties or collateral damage which can fail missions

Sniping Mechanics:
- Adjust for bullet drop, wind speed/direction over long distances
- Use scope breathing and steady your aim for extremely accurate shots
- Different sniper rifles/munitions may behave differently for varying ranges
- Choose vantage points carefully, maintaining cover from enemy line-of-sight

- Expect mission briefings with background on your target(s)
- Primary objectives will focus on eliminating the main target(s) stealthily
- Likely secondary objectives like evidence retrieval, no casualties, time limits, etc.
- Missions may grow increasingly difficult across more complex maps

While the sniper assassin role is a brutal one, it will require skillful marksmanship, tactical movement, and careful execution to rank among the world's most elite hitmen in this game. Steady your breathing and make every shot count!

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