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About Snail Bob 3


Snail Bob wasn't expecting quite such a real meeting when he decided to meet up with his grandfather at the museum's Ancient Egypt section. In Snail Bob 3: Egypt Journey, the third game in the amazing series, Snail Bob will travel through time. His interest was piqued when Bob's grandfather showed him a mysterious portal device. Despite all the warnings, Snail Bob decided to touch the device's buttons. It was just too seductive! Bob has been sucked through a mysterious vortex and is now in a land of pyramids and tombs. Bob is stuck in ancient Egypt in this amusing puzzle adventure and needs your help to go home.

Snail Bob 3: Egypt Journey's beautiful 20 levels offer you a sense of the magic that surrounds Ancient Egypt. Be prepared to deal with a lot of sand, outdated traps, and perhaps even an angry mummy! The objective of this addictive game series is to get rid of various obstacles that might capture Snail Bob or even cause his death in order to help him advance through each level. The third game consists of 20 unique stages with various perils. Click on the different levers, buttons, and pistons to move platforms, block lasers, and open locked gates. You may need to stop Snail Bob at some points to make his path safe for passage. However, Bob won't stop until you tell him to since he has to go home right now. Click on Bob to have him retreat into his shell while you sort things out. Do you have good eyesight? Try to locate the level's hidden stars to expose all of the ancient artwork in Bob's gallery. Keep an eye out since there might be three hidden stars on each level.


  • 20 different levels to play
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Unlock and view art pieces in the gallery
  • Exciting puzzles to solve

How to play

Use your mouse to play this game

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