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About Snail Bob 2: Birthday Party


In the second installment of the Snail Bob video game series, titled Snail Bob 2: Birthday Party, players accompany Snail Bob on his journey to Grandpa Snail's cottage, which is located at the very end of the forest. Bob is all set to pay a visit to his grandfather now that he has located the perfect birthday gift for his grandfather. However, there is a catch here. On the path that leads to his grandpa's cottage, there are a lot of ravenous creatures and insects that sting. Along this otherwise enjoyable trip, there are also perilous traps, ravines, and other obstacles that have the potential to turn it into a nightmare. Bob's snail form prevents him from overcoming every challenge he faces on his own; thus, he is hoping that you will be able to assist him in making it to the birthday celebration for his grandfather.

The puzzle-solving adventure game Snail Bob 2: Birthday Party has 25 different levels, each one more entertaining than the last. You won't be the only one dealing with challenges; the other animals are only one of them. Along the path that Bob must go, he will encounter carnivorous plants, steep waterfalls, and other challenges. As the player, your goal is to make it through each level by figuring out the solutions to the riddles. Remove any obstacles that may prevent Bob from reaching the exit and make it feasible for him to do so. There will be a wide variety of riddles for you to solve. Around their bubbling cauldron, hungry centipedes wait for Bob to stumble into their trap and fall in. There are also angry eagles that are seeking for food. There are lakes that are completely contaminated with hazardous material, and even a robot snail from the far future will make an attempt to steal Snail Bob's shell. However, despite the fact that the forest may hold many secrets, the game's controls are quite intuitive. Click on the buttons and levers using the left button of your mouse to figure out how to solve the riddles. Even though Bob is as slow as a snail, he can move quite quickly when he has to! You have the ability to either speed up or slow down Bob. To prevent him from falling into a trap before you have a chance to clear the path for him, you may click on him to halt his progress. After then, he will go back inside his shell and wait for you to make another click before continuing his movement. In order to solve some tasks, you will need to halt Bob and force him to take cover within his shell.


  • Entertaining soundtrack
  • Many levels to enjoy
  • Different puzzles in each level
  • Nice graphics

How to play

Use the left mouse to play this game

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