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About Slope Ball


Slope Ball is a fun running game for one player. Your goal is to jump over the obstacles and get at the destination in order to go on to the next level.

In this arcade game, your avatar may take on many shapes and possess various skills, such as a cube, ball, or UFO.

Use the left mouse button, spacebar, or up arrow key to jump or soar. You have to try to use only one touch to get your character past the barriers. The goal is to pass through each portal. The only obstacles on the track are walls and traps. Winning is never easy, however. If they even touch you, you're out. The race will resume at the next checkpoint that you passed. Remember to gather all three of the stars on the track. When you own all three stars, you have triumphantly prevailed.

The bright wall must be reached once all barriers have been overcome. Your fundamental racial characteristics are now shown in-game. Pay close attention to the number of tries, the number of jumps, and the length of play. Don't forget to thoroughly tweak it on the next lap.

Slope Ball's map consists of 5 locations and 11 exhilarating loops. Your objective is to fight to preserve these locations' mascots. With the help of Slope Ball, you may now rescue the T-Rex Tyrannosaurus, the giant snake Titanoboa, the flying monster Quetzalcoatlus, the vicious bear Megatherium, and even the shark Megalodon. Of course, being a hero is not an easy task.

How to play

Click the mouse left button or press the spacebar/ the up arrow key to jump

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