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Skibidi Toilet Only Up

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About Skibidi Toilet Only Up


In "Skibidi Toilet Only Up," you'll have an adventure like no other. Get ready to go against the laws of physics and raise your toilet to new heights on an exciting quest to reach the sky. Are you ready to take on the task and fly high?

What the game has:
Defying gravity Fun: This one-of-a-kind game lets you fly through the sky with a toilet. Hold on tight as you fly away!

Monsters in the Way: Along the way, you'll meet the naughty Skibidi Toilet Monster. Avoid its tricks and keep going up!

Sky Full of Pranks: Watch out for Skibidi Toilet Pranks that will test your reactions and skills.

Interesting Skyward Journey: You will be sucked into a huge and interesting world where every step brings you closer to the clouds.

Stars of the game play:
Five exciting levels: As you go higher into the sky, enjoy the task of beating five different levels.

Easy Level Integration: It's simple to add new levels, which will keep your trip interesting and new.

Ad Support: Gley Ads: Gley Ads will make your game experience better and keep you entertained while you try to reach the top.

When you combine Unity Ads and AdMob, you'll have an ad experience that doesn't get in the way of playing the game.

Unity 2022: This game is based on the powerful Unity engine, which makes sure that the experience is smooth and engaging.

No, "Skibidi Toilet Only Up" is not just a game. It's a journey that defies gravity and will keep you hooked as you reach new heights. Can you use your trusty toilet to take over the world? Now is the time to find out!

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