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About Shadown Adventure


Shadoworld Adventure is a game adventure and you'll have the chance to investigate the shadow realm and find out what's going on there. This classic game will transport you to an alternate universe that is made mainly of shadows, and it has some beautiful 2D visuals as well as an exciting gaming experience. How long do you think you can play this game when you are by yourself if you only have yourself to rely on?

When you opened your eyes that morning and realized that you were no longer in your own world, everything changed. Since then, nothing has been the same. You were walking beside a human's footprints on the ground one minute, and then the next thing you know, you find yourself engulfed in the shadow world. It's not like this world is full of horrible things. After all, you are a shadow creature just like everyone else, thus this universe is technically yours. The unfortunate truth is that this planet is crawling with deadly traps and sinister beasts that are hiding around every corner, ready to take your life. Your mission is to seize control of this shadow monster and guide it towards the gateway by providing assistance. You may take control of the character by pressing the WASD keys in that order. On each of the platforms, there will be a variety of hazards, such as spikes, gaps, and perhaps even creatures. You have to time your jumps perfectly in order to avoid falling into any of these traps. If any of the stepping stones are too high for you, you may double leap by pressing the W key twice in quick succession. You start each level with three lives available to you. It is imperative that you reach the portal before the timer runs out, so you can eliminate the creatures. It is imperative that you get all of the stars, as well as the keys, which will allow you to enter the various portals. Have fun!


  • Many levels to complete
  • Entertaining and addictive gameplay
  • Retro-themed graphics
  • Intuitive controls

How to play

You can use the WASD keys to control your character

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