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Scary Toys The Revenge

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About Scary Toys The Revenge


Scary Toys The Revenge is an online horror game where you have to beat three scary dolls. Collect the coins and buy weapons to kill the monster.

This game is inspired by the story Friday Night at Freddy. Do you remember the three characters which are Bunny, Teddy and Ducky? In this game, you will have a chance to revenge on three famous characters from FNAF games. You can use many kinds of weapons to attack the characters.

How to play

When you play this game, you will face Bunny first. Then, you will have the opportunity to attack Ducky and Teddy. However, you only can play with two left monsters if you can defeat the first Bunny.

Before attacking the monster, you need to buy weapons from the shop. The first time, you have 50 points, so you only buy a yellow pencil as a weapon. Then, tap the screen or click the mouse to damage the monsters.

The weapons in the shop

You have many options in the shop. They are pawns, poison syringes, ninja weapons, TNT, a bomb, serrated wheel, simple missiles, a barrel of gasoline, a pistol, machine gun, sniper, or rifle, grenades and supersonic missiles. The more expensive the weapons are, the more powerful they are.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Entertaining game
  • Various weapons
  • Simple control
  • How to control

Click the mouse

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