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Scary Granny House Horror Escape

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About Scary Granny House Horror Escape


Scary Granny House Horror Escape is a horror adventure game where you have to run away from a creepy granny. You are locked up in a strange house.

The game will bring nervous and scary feelings to you. In this game, you are arrested in a large house, but you don't know why you are here. You have to escape from the strange house before you are discovered. In this house, many mysteries need to be explored to escape. Try to avoid the granny on your way. Your friends are captured, so you are their hope to escape from death. In the game, there are 2 modes which are normal mode and dark mode. Each mode has different levels from easy level to hard level, or you can explore the house first with practice level. Practice level means the killer isn't at home and you can explore it. Try your best to find out useful items to escape from a terrible place.

Let's come to the game to save the poor people. They are waiting for you. Good luck!

Features of Scary Granny House Horror Escape

  • Horror game that requires concentration
  • There are many different levels to choose
  • The music and sound effects are attractive

How to control

Use arrow keys to move

Click the mouse to the button on-screen to bow

Move the mouse to see around

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