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About Run Nado


In the thrilling endless runner game Run Nado, players take control of a tornado and maneuver across unpredictable settings. In order to complete stages and get high points, avoid obstacles, gather power-ups, and unleash devastating forces.

How to play

1. Controls
- Familiarize yourself with the controls - likely using swipes/taps to move the tornado left, right, up or down to avoid obstacles.
- Make sure your swipes/taps are precise to nimbly navigate tight spaces.

2. Obstacle Avoidance
- Keep an eye out for obstacles like buildings, trees, power lines etc. that you'll need to steer around.
- The obstacles will likely come at you faster as the levels progress, so stay alert.

3. Power-Ups
- Collect any power-ups like speed boosts, temporary invincibility, score multipliers etc.
- Learn what each power-up does and use them strategically when needed.

4. Destructive Forces
- Take advantage of your tornado's destructive capabilities by running through objects you can destroy like vehicles, signposts etc.
- Destroying objects may earn you bonus points or other benefits.

5. Level Layouts
- Be aware of the dynamic environments and changing level layouts/obstacles as you progress.
- Certain levels may have unique hazards or layouts you'll need to adapt your running strategy for.

6. High Scores
- The goal is to achieve high scores, so prioritize collecting point items over just surviving.
- Take calculated risks by running close to obstacles to grab prizes.

7. Upgrades
- Keep playing to unlock new power-ups, tornado upgrades or abilities over time.
- Manage your upgrades strategically to be able to handle higher difficulties.

The key things are having keen reflexes to dodge obstacles, knowing when to unleash destruction strategically, grabbing power-ups, and mastering the constantly changing level dynamics. With practice, you'll be able to control the tornado's path smoothly to keep racking up those high scores!

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