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About Poppy Strike 3


In the first-person shooter Poppy Strike 3, your goal is to avoid terrifying confrontations with Huggy Wuggy. You must shoot the required number of Huggy in order to win and unlock new weapons.

- Your primary goal is to survive wave-based encounters by eliminating the required number of "huggy wuggy" enemies that spawn each wave.
- Completing waves by killing all enemies before they kill you will allow you to progress and unlock new weapons.

- Use your equipped firearm and ammunition effectively by aiming and firing accurately at the "huggy wuggy" enemies.
- If enemies get too close, you may have a melee attack option or need to backpedal while shooting.
- Manage your ammo consumption wisely, as running out can leave you vulnerable.

- The "huggy wuggy" enemies seem menacing, so avoid letting them surround or trap you.
- Use environmental cover and obstacles to create sightlines and firing positions.
- Keep moving and repositioning to make it harder for enemies to overwhelm you.

- Focus on accomplishing the mission objectives like eliminating X number of enemies per wave.
- Succeeding will grant you new, potentially more powerful weapon unlocks.
- Experiment with the different weapon types to find which suits your playstyle best against the "huggy wuggy" threats.

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