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About Poppy Dungeons


In Poppy Dungeons, you'll need to have a firm grip on your weapon. You are hemmed in by adversaries, and it would seem that they will not stop fighting until they have defeated you. Therefore, put up a struggle and make an honest effort to make your escape to freedom. Are you prepared to fight the most important battle of your life?

You have been abandoned in the midst of a dark and foreboding dungeon by everyone else. You can only put your faith in yourself and the accuracy of your objective. This indicates that everyone you come across today in this dungeon should be considered a threat and should be shot at. If you are unable to force your adversaries to their knees, they will shoot you. Therefore, make it a point to be vigilant at all times and keep an eye on who could suddenly appear in front of you. You may navigate your avatar around the maze-like dungeon by dragging the virtual joystick that appears on the screen. Your primary adversary, in addition to a large number of armed troops, will be the huggy-wuggy monster. Continue to fire at it until you are able to destroy it and get the key that will unlock the door leading out of the dungeon. Make sure you don't miss out on any opportunities to acquire cash so you can improve your abilities and weaponry. Now is the time to concentrate on killing your foes for the next 15 levels in order to gain your freedom!


  • 3D spooky graphics
  • Gloomy dungeon atmosphere
  • Weapons to collect
  • Challenging enemies
  • Automatic aiming and shooting

How to play

You may control the movement of the character by dragging the pointer around the on-screen joystick.

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