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About Playtime Horror Monster Ground


Playtime Horror Monster Ground is an arcade game in which you will be a hunter. You have to find all people in a building and beware of the police squad.

If you are too bored to be a victim in a horror game, Playtime Horror Monster Ground can turn you into a hunter. Your mission isn't to hide, but you must find out all people and attack them. There are many objects which people can hide in. Therefore, you can destroy all things to find people easily. Besides, you also look at the red arrow instruction to identify the victims' positions. The monster's vision isn't too large, so you need to face to face with the victims to attack them. The victims can hurt you, but the police squad can shoot you. You can kill the police squad before they can attack you.

The game offers many levels which can challenge your limit. When you finish a level, you can get some coins and some skins. You can use the coins to upgrade your power like life, speed, and vision. Many cool skins are waiting for you. Can you unlock all of them? How many levels can you pass? Click on the game to know the answer.

Features of Playtime Horror Monster Ground

  • 3D graphics
  • Find hidden people
  • Destroy everything
  • Level up

How to control

Drag the mouse or WASD to move the character

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