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About Money Movers Maker


Do you think the other Money Movers games' stages are too easy? Can you make better and more difficult levels? If that's the case, then Money Movers Maker is the game for you. You may now create and share your own levels with other players! Choose from a variety of construction components and get started right away!

You may create your own Money Mover levels with Money Movers Maker. Prisons are not designed to be broken out of. Make sure your designs include enough obstacles to reflect this. In this game, your goal as a player is to design levels using the numerous elements available to you. You may use stone walls, metal platforms, crates, cameras, and a variety of other elements from the Money Movers series to construct the finest level ever. Place stone barriers to create trails for the criminal brothers to follow. Cameras, laser detectors, and even decorations can be added as security measures. Do you want to make the space appear more lively? For an added difficulty, include guards and other detainees. Without mechanics, a Money Movers game is incomplete. To add a layer of difficulty, place buttons, levers, and moving platforms. If you don't color code these platforms to make them functional, your characters will be stranded in the level! Does that object's positioning appear to be a little off? You have complete control over how things are rotated and flipped. Toggle the grid on if you want to put things more accurately. You'll notice several item options at the top of the screen that you may expand to discover the stuff you're looking for. Place the money bags and then test your level when you're ready! Make sure it's completely playable, and if you're able to gather all of the money bags you've put, you may share it with other players!


  • 2 characters to control
  • Lots of building blocks
  • Can build your own levels
  • Challenging gameplay

How to play

Use your mouse to select and place the building blocks. Use the WASD keys to control the small brother. Use the arrow keys to control the big brother.

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