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About Money Movers 1


A jail break would only be attempted by the most resourceful and daring convicts. In the addicting game Money Movers, you'll meet criminal brothers and help them escape from their jail cell by guiding them through several tough and fun stages. Although they are in the country's most security jail, the brothers seem unfazed. There would be no number of traps, security cameras, or guards that could stop them. Infiltrate the jail and assist them in obtaining their escape!

Money Movers is set in a jail, and you are in charge of two brothers who are attempting to flee. There are a total of 20 stages in this game, each with its own set of challenges to overcome. As the player, your goal is to overcome these barriers by pressing buttons, pulling levers, tossing and moving things, and occasionally fleeing away from the prison's other hazardous inmates. The jail isn't uninhabited, and you'll have to deal with other convicts and guards on various levels who are all attempting to stop you from escaping. The criminal brothers are two males with quite contrasting physiques. One is large, while the other is little. Although the larger brother can toss items, he lacks the speed and agility of his younger sibling. Unlike his older brother, the younger sibling is speedier and can navigate through tight spaces. You must employ both characters to accomplish the levels and clear your path since one can reach locations that the other cannot. Money bags will appear at each level, which you must collect to access the bonus level. There are three money bags on each level, yet not all of them are easy to gather. You may play the extra level after collecting all of the money bags in the game and assisting the brothers in escaping the prison with wealth!


  • 2D graphics
  • Control 2 characters
  • 20 different levels
  • An unlockable bonus level

How to play

Use the WASD keys to control the small brother. Use the arrow keys to control the big brother.

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