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Kuzbass Horror

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About Kuzbass Horror


A terrifying game that will keep you up at night is called Kuzbass Horror. The game, which is set in a desolate and dark village, tells the tale of Slavik, a young guy who is attempting to learn the awful secret of the community.

There is a lot of tension and fear throughout the game. The witch will hear you from everywhere, so you'll need to take extra care not to make any noise. In order to advance through the game, you will also need to solve puzzles and locate hints.

The witch is a very strong foe. She possesses a long reach, quick reflexes, and agility. She can also teleport, which makes it challenging to get away from her.

Kuzbass is an intense and nerve-wracking game that will try your mettle. This is a game you ought to play if you enjoy scary video games.

Here are a few reasons why Kuzbass is a fantastic horror game:

The mood is gloomy and depressing. The ominous village where the game is set is ideal for evoking a sense of dread.
The witch is a very dangerous foe. She possesses a long reach, quick reflexes, and agility. She is extremely harder to get away from because she has the ability to teleport.
The puzzles are difficult. To solve the riddles and advance in the game, you'll need to use your wits and cunning.
Kuzbass is the perfect game if you want to enjoy a truly horrifying horror game.

When playing Kuzbass, keep in mind the following: Try not to generate any noise. It's crucial to keep quiet as the witch can hear you from anywhere.
Make the most of your surroundings. You can hide from the witch with a lot of the items in the village.
Have patience. Finding the clues you need to escape and solving the puzzles could take some time.

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