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About Hobo Speedster


A fun motorcycle platform BMX game with 2D cartoon graphics is called Hobo Speedster. Your goal? Until the motorcycle reaches the finish line, maintain its equilibrium. Upgrade your present motorcycle at the motorcycle settlement, buy three more motorcycles from the Shop, and unlock four more riders in the Decorate area as you accrue coins and diamonds.

How and tips to play Hobo Speedster!

Balance and Control
- The key is keeping your motorcycle balanced by tapping the left/right sides of the screen to shift your rider's weight
- Time your weight shifts well to navigate turns, jumps, and obstacles smoothly without tipping over
- Maintain a steady rhythm with your tapping to keep the balance centered

Levels and Obstacles
- Watch out for obstacles like rocks, ramps, pits that you'll need to jump over or avoid
- Some levels may have narrower paths requiring very precise balance and control
- Look ahead on the course to anticipate turns, jumps, hazards that are coming

Powerups and Boosts
- Collect any coin or diamond pickups you can to earn currency
- Use earned coins/diamonds to purchase upgrades like speed boosts, better suspension etc.
- Activate any powerups or abilities you've unlocked strategically on tough course sections

Unlocking Content
- As you progress, you can unlock new riders with unique attributes in the Decorate section
- Purchase different motorcycles in the Shop that may perform better on certain courses
- Consider upgrading your current bike at the motorcycle settlement periodically

The key things are having good rhythm/timing with the balance controls, using upgrades/powerups wisely, and being aware of the upcoming terrain. With practice, you'll be able to navigate trickier courses while maintaining your balance all the way to the finish line!

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