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Happy Halloween

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About Happy Halloween


You may be certain that the frightening time you've been waiting for is finally here with Happy Halloween, so make the most of it while it still exists! In order to complete the challenging goals of this entertaining and thrillingly terrifying matching game, you will need to connect Halloween-themed symbols to one another. When you begin with this one, you are going to enter a scary world that is full of witches and monsters, so make sure that you are prepared for this before you begin.

Are you ready to put in the effort to keep those zombie children from consuming your brain in order to protect it from them? The only thing you'll need to play this thrilling and challenging Halloween adventure is either your mouse or your finger, since both are acceptable alternatives. Simply click and drag the mouse to create a connection between three or more Halloween-themed symbols on the board in order to eliminate them from the game. If you do this, you will win the game. As each tomb grows more challenging, you are going to need to step up your game if you want to complete each level's objective before you run out of moves. If you don't, you won't be able to advance to the next level. And if you do find yourself in a bind, don't stress about it! It is always possible to get a variety of mixed and unique skills, any of which may prove useful to you as you make your way farther into the game. You have another choice, which is to spin the Wheel of the Undead, which gives you the opportunity to win one of a kind gifts. As a result, you need to completely immerse yourself in the world of spooky ghosts, scary witches, and frightful pumpkins. preeminent on account of the fact that tonight's trip is going to be quite a lengthy one.


  • Lots and lots of spooky levels to complete
  • Intuitive and easy controls
  • Colorful Halloween-themed designs
  • Multiple powerups to unlock

How to play

You just need use your mouse to play this game

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