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Halloween Scary Jungle Road Drive

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About Halloween Scary Jungle Road Drive


The great Halloween night is approaching, and you want to do something spooky and scary! Why don't you take on our latest adventure challenge to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite festival? In Halloween Scary Jungle Road Drive, you'll be surprised to meet an inquisitive youngster named Jamie. In numerous stages, your mission is to lead him through the forest without being caught by the ghosts. Do not leave him alone since he places a great deal of faith in you.

Aron, a buddy, urged him against going to the forest. Jamie's curiosity, on the other hand, has led him to this location. He arrived with his best buddy Alan, who had already been lost in the woods. In this HTML5 escape game, it's up to you to help the youngster go through this deadly jungle and find his closest buddy. Prepare to drive through a town at night, where there are a lot of ghosts!

In this spooky game, keep your head alert at all times and be careful not to surpass the present region without getting captured by a gang of lethal ghosts! Each finish line has some eerie souls waiting to murder you if you hit them! When a warning light appears on the screen, remember to turn off the headlight. Wait until the warning shows on the screen before moving on! Best of luck guiding Jamie through ten distinct addicting tasks!

How to play

  • Arrow keys: Control the car
  • Left mouse: turn on, off the light car

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