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About Halloween Lonely Road Racing


In Halloween Lonely Road Racing, you'll need to get behind the wheel of your vehicle and defeat your ghoulish rivals. You are placed in the thick of the race of your life in a Halloween town that has been constructed in an amazing way. You are now in a competition that requires you to come out on top. Now fasten your seatbelt and get ready to triumph in this frightening competition.

This is a racing game with a Halloween theme and eerie three-dimensional visuals. You only need to be quicker than your rivals and cross the finish line first. Nothing more is required. If you arrive in first place in the race or second place, you will advance to the next level. You will find a total of 10 levels, each with its own distinct path to go. If you come in last place in the race, you will be eliminated from further competition and cannot go to the next level. To control the vehicle, you need just use the arrow keys, and pressing the space bar will activate the nitro speed. You will be rewarded monetarily for each level that you complete successfully. Remember to put your cash to good use and unlock better vehicles so you can improve your racing skills.


  • Graphics in the spooky 3D format
  • Unlockable new vehicles.
  • 10 stages, each having their own original route maps
  • Simple and engaging button mappings

How to play

You may control the vehicle with the arrow keys, and pressing the space bar will turn on the nitro speed boost.

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