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Granny 2 Asylum Horror House

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About Granny 2 Asylum Horror House


Across ramshackle chambers, grandparents outwit Grandpa in Granny 2 Asylum Horror House.
Manoeuvre through eerie corridors and dusty spaces.
Discover the expansive asylum, where danger lurks around every corner and stories of former inmates abound. Discover hidden lanes, work through challenging riddles, and steer clear of floorboards that groan and reveal your presence.

The grandparents have improved their terrorist strategies in this deadly game of tag. Grandpa's erratic outbursts will shiver you to the bone, while Grandma's hearing has sharpened. To prevent being snagged to the bone, set up crafty traps, divert their attention with objects that are dropped deliberately, and always stay one step ahead.

Discover the truth in this scary, gloomy mansion that is just waiting for you to overcome.
Broken tales, Haunting Artifacts:
Investigate the abandoned medical equipment, eerie patient records, and odd handwriting on the walls—relics from the asylum's sinister past. Discover the most sinister details of the asylum by piecing together the terrible tales of its past patients, but proceed with caution—the truth can surprise you with how horrifying it is.

Gleaming secrets and flickering darkness:
In the asylum, rumors of a covert research project abound. Discover hidden labs, figure out perplexing experiments, and face the eerie history of the facility. Will you become just another lost soul confined within its confines, or will you discover the secret to your release?

The room is so gloomy and mysterious that it will chill you to the bone.
You'll get chills from the eerie noises and ghosts in the room.
Experience shivers as you explore the eerie detail of the asylum's winding hallways. The anticipation grows with each creak, groan, and echo, leaving you wondering what might be hiding behind the next corner.

An unpredictable horror with dynamic AI: grandparents are more than just staged jump scares. It's hard to sit still with them since their movements adjust to every movement you make. Every time you play through it, you can count on a brand-new, terrifying encounter that's different from the last.

challenging riddles and creative tools
There's more to escaping your captors than just being stealthy. To get the upper hand, solve challenging puzzles to open doors, defend yourself with homemade weapons, and discover the asylum's mysteries.

Can you confront your history and break free from the hold of the camp for refugees?
A few pointers to assist you get out of this chamber.
Every sound matters; pay attention and get away quickly.
Your most precious possession are your ears—a misplaced wrench, a thumping footstep. Recognize the difference between your grandfather's hard stomping footsteps and your grandmother's shuffling walk, and make use of the sound.
Make the most of every minute because time is your enemy.
Your assailants grow more hostile the longer you stay. Make sure to carefully plan your escape, gather resources quickly, and avoid wasting time pondering over your next move.

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