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About Ghost Runaway


The ghost needs your assistance to sprint on Ghost Runaway. Sounds delightful, doesn't it? The ghost is being followed by a terrifying fireball and there are obstructions on the runway. If you move slowly, the ghost will be reduced to ashes by the fire. The ghost can accelerate with the aid of a few power-ups. Make an effort to amass as much power as you can.

- Typically you just tap the screen or tap/hold a button to make the ghost run
- Look for swipe/tilt controls to allow dodging left or right

- Obstacles like barriers, holes, etc. will be in the ghost's path that need to be jumped over or avoided
- Timing your taps to make the ghost jump at the right moment is key

- With the chasing fireball element, this adds an ever-increasing sense of urgency
- You'll need to keep the ghost running at full speed as much as possible
- Avoid letting the fireball catch up by hitting obstacles

- Collect any power-ups in the ghost's path as you mentioned
- Common power-ups are temporary speed boosts, jump enhancers, shields
- Using these at the right moments can help you blaze through tough sections

- The runway likely gets more challenging over time with faster speeds, more obstacles
- Aim to survive/stay ahead of the fireball as long as possible to set high scores
- Unlockables like new ghosts, environments may get added as you progress

The keys are reacting quickly to jump/dodge obstacles, utilizing power-ups wisely, and of course, running as fast as you can to outrun that fireball!

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