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FNAF Bartender

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About FNAF Bartender


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FNAF Bartender is an exciting and spooky adventure that takes place in the creepy universe of Five Nights at Freddy's! Welcome! Put on your bravery as a bartender, but watch out—this isn't just any pub. Here at, be ready for an extraordinary mixology experience unlike anything else. Prepare to mix spooky cocktails for the lifelike residents of Freddy Fazbear's haunted restaurant!

Your objective in this nerve-wracking game is to combine the ingredients in the right order and make the ideal cocktails. Create concoctions that will please the peculiar palates of these mechanical beings as you make your way through the dim and winding passageways of the Fazbear restaurant and develop your skills as a master mixologist. Can you astonish the eerie animatronics and provide them with entertainment all night long?

But take caution—this unorthodox bartender job has its own unique set of dangers and difficulties. Serious repercussions could arise from combining the incorrect components or not living up to the animatronics' expectations. If the cocktails aren't blended correctly, you can find yourself stuck in a terrible confrontation with the evil animatronics, with all kinds of terrifying outcomes. Your ability to bartend and pay attention to your surroundings will determine whether you survive, so maintain your composure and be vigilant! If you mix up the elements, you may conjure up a whole range of terrifying accidents that will make your skin crawl. Hold your composure—the animatronics' laughing will comfort you even when you encounter paranormal disasters! When you successfully combine, you can experience unimaginable benefits, such as watching Freddy dance joyfully when he's feeling particularly upbeat.

Get ready to embark on a chilling mixology voyage by shaking, stirring, and serving yourself. A hauntingly distinct bartending experience is guaranteed with FNAF Bartender on, along with thrills and scares. May your mixology prowess lead you through the evening, and keep your focus and vitality intact! Now be ready to enter the bizarre world of animatronic cocktails. Can you stay alive through the night and satisfy the FNAF Bartender's ghostly customers' thirst?

How to play

To mix and serve the drinks, use the left mouse button to choose the bottles from the bar shelf and to press the same button on the numerous tools and ingredients that are arranged around the bar. If you're playing on a mobile device, use your finger to tap the screen.

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