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About Dumb Zombie


You are the last line of defense against an unrelenting assault of zombies in Dumb Zombie Online. This unusual physics game offers hours of mind-bending gameplay by combining puzzles and shooting components in an appropriate manner. You must carefully remove every zombie menace on the screen using your reliable weapon at the ready. Your advancement is dependent on your ability to aim well and handle your ammunition wisely.

How to engage in gameplay

Aim and fire with your mouse at the legions of the undead. Your bullet trajectory is very important, so aim your shots carefully to score the most kills with the least amount of ammunition. You can purchase skins, apparel, and weapon upgrades with the money you earn as you advance through the game's stages. Continue to play to find more difficult game types.

Advice and Techniques
Always go for the strategic kills that can dispatch several zombies at once. To do this, bullets may be bouncing off objects and walls. Use of ammunition is restricted to one per level, so be careful. To stay ahead of the game, carefully consider what upgrades you need to make with your earned money.


- Puzzle-based Shooting: Blend tactical planning and shooting expertise.
- In-game purchases: To purchase upgrades and equip, earn money from each level.
- Various Levels: With varying zombie locations, every level offers a fresh challenge.
Unlock new and captivating game types by finishing levels.

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