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Drift 3

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About Drift 3


To compete against other players in the exciting driving game Drift 3, you must operate a car. Win a race that continues on eternity by becoming the last person remaining.

If you like playing driving games for cars, especially ones with a drifting theme, then this game is for you. The most recent title in the series of driving games, Drift 3, contains a lot of novel elements. These factors, together with the fundamental rules of one drifting game, are anticipated to provide you thrilling and fascinating encounters. View these features right now!

The first new feature is the ability to play multiplayer with up to 7 other people. In this game, you will engage in an eight-player driving tournament. You can beat your opponents by crashing into them and shooting them into space. But watch out because your enemies will do the same to you. If you want to prevail in this very competitive game, fight to the best of your abilities!
Another creative element is endless races. Drift 3's unlimited theme encourages you to keep running as long as you can. The game is only over when you are the last person standing and the victor.
Just click the start button in this drifting game to explore the new, fascinating features!

You may choose your name and game-starting vehicle beforehand. Beautiful cars may be fashionable or appealing, among other styles. Each kind of car has a unique look that expresses a certain personality to the user. Choose the best car!

By enabling or disabling the instructional mode in the options section, you may modify your skill. If you're unfamiliar with this game series, enable this option to get tutorials. But if you're a master, you can turn off this function.

How to play

  • Press or release the left mouse button to control your vehicle's direction.

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