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About Draw And Save Stickman


In Draw and Save Stickman, assist a helpless stickman! Since stickmen are so little for this world, there are occasions when they might be so urgently in need of assistance even when performing simple tasks. Prepare to save this stickman from a variety of situations as a result.

There are 50 stages in this game, and each one presents a different challenge. The stickman is in a difficult situation as a result of these levels, and he must behave extremely shrewdly to rescue himself. He is unable to save himself, which is the sole issue. As a result, get ready and be open to using your sketching abilities to help him. The stickman will be on top of a platform, ready to fall occasionally onto a pool of lava and occasionally into a shark's maw. To prevent the stickman from getting wounded, you must create lines that will maintain his position. Let's try fifty different scenarios to see if you can save him!


  •  Colorful 2D graphics
  •  50 levels
  •  Intuitive controls
  •  Save up diamonds to spend on tips
  •  Rewarded ads are available if you have difficulty passing a level

How to play

Use your mouse to draw something protect stickman

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