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Doodle jump

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About Doodle jump


Jump up and up forever.
You will move from left to right to reach the platforms in Doodle Jump. Click left to fire. Since there is no end to the game, jump for as long as you can to get the highest score.

Up the doodle jumper.

In Doodle Jump, there are various strategies to advance more quickly and increase your score more quickly. The first method is to bounce your small alien higher by using the springs. Additionally, you'll find a propeller cap and rocket boosters that will raise you even higher.

Avoid obstructions.

There are barriers in the game as well as boosters to help your alien reach new heights, which makes it more difficult overall. Brown platforms that shatter on impact are the first danger you'll run across, but they're a minor one.

Alien life and black holes pose the most concerning dangers. Be sure to jump slowly to avoid bumping against someone by rising up too quickly. Additionally, this makes it simpler to shoot them and move on.

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