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About Dear Edmund


In the game Dear Edmund, players must navigate a Victorian-era metropolis while keeping an eye out for the underprivileged residents.

Setting: Victorian Era City
- The game takes place in a city setting during the Victorian era
- You'll need to navigate through the streets, buildings, and environments of this time period

Exploration & Navigation
- As the player, your goal is to find your way around the city and its different districts
- You may need to search for clues, follow directions, or solve light puzzles to progress
- Watch for obstacles, dead-ends, or challenges blocking certain paths

Helping the Locals
- In addition to exploring, you'll encounter locals/citizens who are being mistreated
- This could involve witnessing injustices, being given pleas for assistance, or seeing people in need
- You'll have choices/opportunities to help these locals in some way, likely tied to your progression

Potential Gameplay Elements:
- Light adventure/point-and-click style gameplay as you explore the city
- Branching narrative choices based on how you choose to help or interact with locals
- Perhaps gathering resources or building alliances to increase your abilities to help
- Puzzle-solving and navigation challenges as you access new areas
- Evading or dealing with any adversaries mistreating the citizens

Let me know if I have the right idea about playing as someone exploring a Victorian city while trying to improve the lives of its mistreated locals along the way in Dear Edmund!

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