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About Cuphead


Welcome to the Cuphead video game, where you may go on amazing adventures with the Cuphead character. Have you played this game before? You won't be let down if you play this game, thus I recommend it.

Why is this entertaining game so seductive? Numerous gaming styles are combined in one game. It could be difficult to play games that need action, shooting, and running. This game's player appeal is increased by the superb genre merging. You may pass several hours of leisure time playing this action game. Let's play this game and have some fun together after a hard day at work. Have a good time!

The Formation And Development
Don't Deal with the Devil is another name for this game. However, we could just call it the Cuphead game. This game was developed and produced by StudioMDHR. Following various developments, this game now attracts millions of players every year. Let's look at the outstanding improvements that the developer has put in place over the past nine years.

In 2013, this game was released to the Microsoft Windows and Xbox communities. It is not possible for players to play on other platforms. Therefore, the developer has continued to develop the Cuphead game on other platforms such as macOS in 2018, Nintendo Switch in 2019, and PlayStation 4 in 2020. These improvements have helped players experience this gun game in a different way. Now, you can play the Cuphead game online on our website.

How to play

You must choose in this game using the arrow keys, then confirm your selection by hitting Z. The character control keys are also very important.Use WASD or Arrow keys to move.

  • To parry, press the Z key.
  • To shoot, use the X key.
  • The C key is used to reduce.
  • V key to execute an EX move (requires at least 1 card).
  • To switch weapons, use the Q key.

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