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Craft World

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About Craft World


Join Craft World, a place where your ideas may come to life! Explore the tunnels and depths of a block realm, fly endlessly across a randomly generated globe, and use the tools and materials in your inventory to construct the castle of your dreams! Let's explore this creative world!

With the help of this imaginative game, create paradise on earth! Build on, alter, and change the earth as you see fit! This plot of land is a blank canvas on which you may paint your ideas; you are the artist! You may start by naming your new project and selecting the world type from the menu! Afterwards, you may locate this project in the worlds menu with the same name. Under the skins menu, your character can also have different skins. Click on a skin to access it permanently after viewing a brief advertisement. The same steps may be used to add five more minutes to your flight time. To view your options, open the inventory and move between the tabs. There are furnishings, building materials, equipment, and much more! Construct the castle of your dreams and arrange the surrounds to make your visions come to life! Don't forget to personalize your game by choosing a language!


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Language options
  • Randomly generated endless maps
  • Improving creativity and imagination skills

How to play

To move, leap, fly, access your inventory, interact with objects, and break and put blocks, use the arrow keys (W, A, S, and D).

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