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About Cave Horror


Manage your light sources carefully Cave Horror. Caves are dark places, so you'll want to conserve batteries for flashlights or other illumination.
Pay close attention to mapping the cave layout and your surroundings. It's easy to get lost or turned around in cavern systems.
Listen for audio cues like creature noises, dripping water, etc. Sounds can alert you to threats before you see them.
Search thoroughly for resources, supplies, and clues. Caves may contain hidden stashes.
Expect tight squeezes and vertical climbs in cave games. You may need to maneuver carefully.
Be cautious around unstable rocks, mineshafts, and precipitous drops common in caves.
Some cave games include environmental hazards like poisonous gas pockets to avoid.
Caves are ideal for creating a tense, claustrophobic atmosphere in horror games.
Without knowing the specific title, those are some typical tips that could apply to surviving a scary cave environment in a horror game. Let me know if you need any other general cave horror advice.

How to play

Use arrow keys to move!

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