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Bridge Water Rush

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About Bridge Water Rush


Bridge Water Rush will transport you back to aquaparks during the scorching summer. Join the race and escape the chilly, winter days with a sunny vacation to the pool! Grab the boards to build your staircase and be the first to the top, or sabotage your rivals to switch roles entirely!

You decide how you will finish this race—win or lose! Would you use your opponents as a barrier and engage in dishonest play, or will you keep your attention on your lane and strive to win politely? Why not select a few boards before making a choice? Each participant is given a certain hue, and they are only allowed to pick up logs of that color. Gather as many logs as you can at once, then rush to the base in front of you. You may either use the logs to construct steps on the other side of the adversary, forcing them to restart, or you can begin building stairs to your win.At the next stages, there will be more adversaries to contend with, but don't be alarmed; with the appropriate approach and a little assistance from boosters, they are nothing to fear. That's correct, simply viewing a little ad, you can obtain boosters at the beginning! In a flash, you may overtake your opponents by using your acceleration booster!


  • Bright summer theme
  • Funny character design
  • Simple controls with challenging races
  • Colorful 3D graphics

How to play

You may use your mouse to play this game.

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