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Bomb It 6

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About Bomb It 6


With the sixth installment of the massively popular game series, Bomb It 6 , the chaos and audible explosions are back! The arena is being bombarded by bombs, therefore you should use this strange circumstance to your advantage by controlling the explosives to accomplish your main objective! Enter the field, but keep an eye on your head! On the battlefield, you never know where a bomb may fall! Do you possess the keen sense of timing and strategic thinking necessary to outwit your adversaries before they succeed in turning you to ashes? Press the start button to start your quest if you want to find out!

Are your bombs anywhere? When they truly rain from the sky, who needs to carry such weighty things? You don't need to carry explosives around to blow stuff up in the sixth game in this incredibly entertaining series! Instead, you should push the bombs toward your opponents before they explode as they occasionally shower from the sky. In comparison to the previous games in the series, Bomb It 6 has five different game modes instead of four. We are confident that you will discover a challenge that will keep you interested for hours with this many modes. You should attempt to eliminate all of your opponents in the arcade mode. Kill 10 opponents in the battle royale game mode to get the victory! The entertaining gameplay in the "green zone mode" requires you to occupy 10 green zones. Can't get enough of the shiny gold? Then the treasure trail, in which you must gather 10 coins, is the mode for you! Do you believe you can manage more? Before you begin a game, you may change the complexity, player count, levels, and other settings to make the ideal game for you!


  • 5 different game modes
  • Unlockable outfits
  • Many characters to play
  • 2D graphics

How to play

Use the arrow keys to maneuver and the space bar to push a bomb in one-player mode. Use the WASD keys to navigate in the 2-player mode, and the space bar to detonate a bomb as player 1. As player 2, use the arrow keys to move and the ENTER key to detonate a bomb.

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