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About Ben The Binder


"Ben the Binder" is a unique experience where you take on the role of an IT specialist and explore the realm of late-night computer troubleshooting. You get called in at three in the morning in 1998 to handle a server issue. But things are not as easy as they seem, and there are several gadgets in the dimly lit area that can help you finish your objective. Remember this as you conquer obstacles: it's three in the morning, and the night has mysteries well beyond routine IT chores.

How to engage in gameplay

Take in the enigmatic ambiance of "Ben the Binder" while you work through the server puzzle in a darkly lighted room. The purpose of your little, specialized drive, which can only transport a certain quantity of data, is to transfer files between computers. But you have to figure out a means to get to them in the dark because the servers are down.

Investigate the space, use the tools, and find the elusive disc that contains the answer to your quest. The darkness increases the difficulty of the task by providing an additional layer of effort as you navigate the area. Recall that there are four possible outcomes for the game, but only one of them is true.

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